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Meet Sandie

Sandie Dormart



I assist company managers and their teams not only in analysing their communication needs but also in creating their digital and graphic identity.

I make sure to establish coherence between the company's image and the different forms of communication by first of all looking for the company's values and then transmitting them in photos, videos, website, blog and social networks?


My philosophy:

Creativity is unique. You just have to find your own.


My style:


My digital creations (website, videos, blog, social networks...etc) and graphics (posters, invitations, flyers, logos...) have to meet your needs, that's why I advise you on the best format and the most adequate way of diffusion.


My productions are first and foremost about you and must look like you. You are at the heart of the creative process.

My photos & videos aim to create emotions to make an impression. All my technique and creativity are dedicated to this.

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